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About Me

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Aloha! I am Brandon, your Maui photographer. At least hopefully!

I moved around a lot growing up. Started in Oregon, then Nebraska, moved on to Idaho and settled in Utah (for a while). After “going through the motions” of life I decided I wanted to be in control. I wanted to get up every morning and be excited about life, not dread going into work again and doing the same thing I did yesterday. So in  January of 2015 My wife and I decided we were going to sell our house (and everything inside) and chase OUR American dream in Maui.

Photography wasn’t my original dream, it was music.  Growing up I played in bands and thought surely I’d make the big time. Eventually reality knocked on my door and I realized I wasn’t going to be famous. I still wanted to be involved in the “music scene” and picking up an interest on the way, I started school to learn Photography. I attended Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University and Boise State University. 5 years later I had my degree in Visual Art and Design: Photography. Of course like anyone else with a photography degree, I got a real job that had nothing to do with photography.

Then in February of 2012 my wife and I got married on Maui. It changed everything. We spent the next 3 years figuring out how to get back, for good. In late June of 2015 we became residents of the island of Maui.

I’m very glad you have chosen to make the island of Maui part of your story. It is a decision you will never regret. I just hope I can be a part of your story also. Mahalo.