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maui family portrait session

The Newitt Family

Morning shoots are always the hardest for people! Even with a 3+ hour time change in their favor people don’t want to get up early in their vacations.  It’s a great time to do your photoshoot. It’s cooler, calmer and there is A LOT less people on the beach, and if you’re lucky NO ONE […]

Ben & Rebecca, Makena Cove Wedding

Ben and Rebecca came to Maui alone for their wedding and they chose Makena Cove for the beautiful island backdrop. This, as most beach weddings, came with a handful of beach goers looking on but with the magic of technology they were able to stream the wedding on Facebook Live for all of their family […]

maui wedding photographer, sunset beach wedding

Mike & Jenna – Makena Cove Wedding

There’s moments on your life when you have to stop and think, “Wow! I can’t believe this is my life.” This wedding was one of those nights. Mike and Jenna were such a fun couple who you could really tell are great together. Their small wedding party consisted of their parents and a couple of […]

maui boardwalk couple embracing

Aaron & Steph Engagements

Aaron and Steph got engaged while visiting Maui. They got set up with me because I shot Steph’s mom and dad’s 30th anniversary vow renewal  . The photoshoot started with a rainbow, which is always a good sign! It also means a little bit of rain but that cleared up and lead to a beautiful Maui […]

maui family wedding

A Family Affair – Beach Wedding

Some people meet and get married in a matter of months, others date for years before tying the knot and starting a family. Others, like this beautiful family,  get together and start a family and life then decide years later… maybe we should get married. It was all smiles and a good time for this […]

She Said Yes! – Napili Bay

When Perry contacted me I got excited, I’m lucky to help capture memories for people all the time, but when you’re planning a surprise proposal it’s extra special. He was having a little help to set up a heart shaped candle circle with flowers and a memories book on the beach. When they would just […]

maui gay wedding, wailea, beach

Tanner & Anderson Beach Wedding

When Tanner and Anderson first contacted me, I was nervous. Why, you ask? They told me that they loved my work and HAD to have me photograph their wedding. Being one who doesn’t take well to praise, I immediately thought “Uh Oh, what if I don’t live up to myself on this one?” Then I […]

romantic maui sunset babymoon photoshoot

Romantic Babymoon

Photographing some people can be hard. If they feel uncomfortable it will show right through the lens. This is the opposite of that. This amazing couple was spending their babymoon on Maui, which is obviously just an extension of their honeymoon! They were so comfortable together, and completely forgot I was there taking photos. The […]

Maui Hawaii Family Portraits

Larkin Family Beach Portraits – Lahaina

The weather on Maui is mostly predictable. It’s sunny with nice trade winds keeping the warm humid air pleasant. This night was a little suspect. It had been raining on and off and the winds were howling through. We decided to take a chance and everything went great. The winds died down and skies opened to […]

Maui Beach Vow Renewal Lahaina

Appelt – 30 Year Vow Renewal

For some of us “younger” folks, it’s hard to imagine spending 30 years with the same person. It’s hard enough to agree on dinner let alone getting along, making a life, raising kids and managing the ups and downs of life. It always makes happy when I see couples that have been together almost as long […]