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International Maui Elopement

All the way from Austria, Ruben and Isabelle chose Maui for their elopement! Sometimes it’s easier to leave the family at home and have a special ceremony just the two of you. Before the wedding began, they were given a letter from their family, that they had hired a videographer to capture the event. This […]

South Maui Babymoon Session

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Maui is the best destination for a babymoon. It’s the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy everything the island has to offer on your own schedule. I photographed Sahar and Homan last year with there family and was delighted when they contacted me for […]

Maui Beach Wedding, ulua beach at sunset

intimate Maui Wedding

Why have a destination wedding on Maui? Well because these two love birds live over 10,000 miles apart! They’ve kept their relationship through the internet. Isn’t that amazing! She’s been in Australia and he’s living in Boston. The emotion of this tiny maui beach wedding was thick. You could literally feel how much they cared […]

maui wedding photography

Maui Destination Wedding

Karim and Mirna, with family in tow, came all the way from Florida to get Maui’d. With backgrounds in Europe and South America it was truly an international affair. The background mood was set with a beautiful ukulele melody and traditional Hawaiian hula dancer to give thanks as the sun set on the day. To […]

A young family poses on Ironwoods Beach for their Maui Portrait session

Maui West Side Family Portraits

Ironwoods Beach! That is all it took to get me excited for this Maui family portrait session. Ironwoods (Oneloa) Beach is a lesser known beach on the west side of Maui. One end has an awesome white rock cliff then a long beach south ending in awesome lava rocks that give and amazing backdrop! They […]

baby in front of family on maui beach, maui family photography

Panucci Family

ah Crikey! All the way from Down Under, no kangaroos in tow! For some of us Americans accents are exciting. Why? Because in the west you don’t get that many. We are the land of “no accent”. So when The Panucci Family contacted me, I was excited just hear them talk! It makes thing fun […]

maui family portrait session

The Newitt Family

Morning shoots are always the hardest for people! Even with a 3+ hour time change in their favor people don’t want to get up early in their vacations.  It’s a great time to do your photoshoot. It’s cooler, calmer and there is A LOT less people on the beach, and if you’re lucky NO ONE […]

Ben & Rebecca, Makena Cove Wedding

Ben and Rebecca came to Maui alone for their wedding and they chose Makena Cove for the beautiful island backdrop. This, as most beach weddings, came with a handful of beach goers looking on but with the magic of technology they were able to stream the wedding on Facebook Live for all of their family […]

maui wedding photographer, sunset beach wedding

Mike & Jenna – Makena Cove Wedding

There’s moments on your life when you have to stop and think, “Wow! I can’t believe this is my life.” This wedding was one of those nights. Mike and Jenna were such a fun couple who you could really tell are great together. Their small wedding party consisted of their parents and a couple of […]

maui boardwalk couple embracing

Aaron & Steph Engagements

Aaron and Steph got engaged while visiting Maui. They got set up with me because I shot Steph’s mom and dad’s 30th anniversary vow renewal  . The photoshoot started with a rainbow, which is always a good sign! It also means a little bit of rain but that cleared up and lead to a beautiful Maui […]