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Maui West Side Family Portraits

A young family poses on Ironwoods Beach for their Maui Portrait session

Ironwoods Beach! That is all it took to get me excited for this Maui family portrait session. Ironwoods (Oneloa) Beach is a lesser known beach on the west side of Maui. One end has an awesome white rock cliff then a long beach south ending in awesome lava rocks that give and amazing backdrop! They were coming for their 10th wedding anniversary (that happened to coincide with a family wedding on Maui). So with the kids spiffed up and all ready to go with hit the beach. Anyone who has spent time on the north side of west Maui knows the weather is often rainy and almost always windy (sometimes insanely windy). Lucky for us there was no rain and just enough wind to make it fun (And add some life to flowy clothing). We had a great time, the kids hung in there long enough for us to break off at the end and get picture of mom and dad celebrating their decade long marriage! Thanks for letting my capture your lovely family and get to know you!


A young family poses on Ironwoods Beach for their Maui Portrait session
The kids in front of the ocean on Ironwoods Beach, Maui
Family walking up the beach reflected on the wet sandy beach
Climb up the lava rocks at sunset for a family portrait in Maui's Ironwoods Beach
Maui's lava rocks backdrop with the setting sun on Maui's west wide beach, Ironwoods
a couple embraces in the long flowing water on Ironwoods Beach of Maui
Maui Photographer, reflection on the wet lava rocks of a couple
crash! moving water crashed along the feet of a kissing couple
a wave crashes and splashes on the lava rock as a couple stares into each others eyes

Sunset Beach Family Photoshoot

Time: Sunset
Location: Ironwoods Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Photographer: Brandon Vincent Photography


I am a photographer living on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. There is no better place on the planet. Hundreds of people a day come to Maui to spend a week with their families. It’s the perfect time to get photos done to capture memories that will least a lifetime. I know because my wife and I were married here in 2012 and spent the next 3 years figuring our how to get back. Not everyone will be able to make such a drastic life change, so why not capture it with high quality digital images. Maui Family Portraits, Honeymoons, Couples, Friends, Seniors or any other reason is a good reason to hire a professional photographer in Hawaii. Don’t let your pictures sit on your phone until you drop it and lose them forever. Just like your family, quality matters. Technology only gets better, so you should have your images done with the latest and highest quality products available at the time. Cherish the memories, hang the photos. Mahalo!