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Panucci Family

baby in front of family on maui beach, maui family photography

ah Crikey! All the way from Down Under, no kangaroos in tow! For some of us Americans accents are exciting. Why? Because in the west you don’t get that many. We are the land of “no accent”. So when The Panucci Family contacted me, I was excited just hear them talk! It makes thing fun and exciting. They have braved the gnarliest time change yet, all with a baby in tow! We started late morning and Napili Bay was starting to pick up with activity (and heat!). We made use of the rocks at the south end and then headed for some shade and fun dodging the rising tide with baby! Mahalo for letting me help capture your Hawaiian holiday!


napili baby backdrop for maui family photos
mom and dad sharing special moments with baby
baby in front of family on maui beach, maui family photography
water rushes up the shore to mom, dad and baby
mom and dad sharing special moments with baby
laughing all the way to the beach, maui family photography
dad with smiling baby in front of ocean
a kiss and a smile, baby loves maui

Time: Late Morning
Location: Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii
Photographer: Brandon Vincent Photography

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