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The Newitt Family

maui family portrait session

Morning shoots are always the hardest for people! Even with a 3+ hour time change in their favor people don’t want to get up early in their vacations.  It’s a great time to do your photoshoot. It’s cooler, calmer and there is A LOT less people on the beach, and if you’re lucky NO ONE on the beach. The Newitt’s braved the morning session even driving to Wailea from Lahaina (45 minutes) and not just that, but had 4 kids in tow! That means there’s no excuses for you! This picture perfect family loved another session I had shot here on Keawakapu beach and wanted the same back drop. Larger families are great because they help keep each other in line and help harass the people getting their photo taken with makes for great natural smiles. Thanks guys for letting me be a little part of your trip. I hope Maui will live in you forever!


morning family photoshoot on maui
a walk up the beach on maui in the morning
maui family portrait session

driftwood on the beach sets up a great place for family photos

just the girls of the family

children's portrait collage on a south maui beach

makena mountain sets the backdrop for this maui family photo session

Time: Morning
Location: Keawakapu Beach, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
Photographer: Brandon Vincent Photography

I am a photographer living on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. There is no better place on the planet. Hundreds of people a day come to Maui to spend a week with their families. It’s the perfect time to get photos done to capture memories that will least a lifetime. I know because my wife and I were married here in 2012 and spent the next 3 years figuring our how to get back. Not everyone will be able to make such a drastic life change, so why not capture it with high quality digital images. Maui Family Portraits, Honeymoons, Couples, Friends, Seniors or any other reason is a good reason to hire a professional photographer in Hawaii. Don’t let your pictures sit on your phone until you drop it and lose them forever. Just like your family, quality matters. Technology only gets better, so you should have your images done with the latest and highest quality products available at the time. Cherish the memories, hang the photos. Mahalo!