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intimate Maui Wedding

Maui Beach Wedding, ulua beach at sunset

Why have a destination wedding on Maui? Well because these two love birds live over 10,000 miles apart! They’ve kept their relationship through the internet. Isn’t that amazing! She’s been in Australia and he’s living in Boston. The emotion of this tiny maui beach wedding was thick. You could literally feel how much they cared for each other. These are the moments that keep driving me. I can capture these beautiful emotions for them forever. They originally were married in a traditional Indian Wedding but something happened with the paper work and it wasn’t finalized. So just the two of them came to Maui to spend a magical moment together on the beach at sunset. We chose Ulua beach because the trade winds were in full force and it gave us some reprieve from the elements. After the ceremony they changed clothes and we ran to the other side of the beach to capture some more images with the amazing sunset Hawaii supplied for them. It truly was beautiful. Thank you two so much for letting me be apart of your magical Maui moment.


an intimate ceremony on the beach in maui.
These are the moments that make my life magic, tears and hugs as they share I Do's
Maui Beach Wedding, ulua beach at sunset
happy bride embraced by her groom, she smiles to the camera and let's he flower dangle
a couple stands perched on lava rocks with a Maui sunset blazing behind them
lovers piggyback on the beach at sunset
lovers entangled on the beach as the tide rolls in, a colorful Maui sunset shines behind them


Sunset Beach Wedding

Time: Sunset
Location: Ulua Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Photographer: Brandon Vincent Photography


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